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Special Award, Discovering India @ MAMI/Mumbai Film Festival 2018


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A documentary by Ann S. Kim & Priya Giri Desai


How do you find love if you’re HIV+? One doctor finds a way – by matchmaking her HIV+ patients.

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The Story

Across the world, over 36 million people live with HIV, many in places where HIV/AIDS is unspeakable. So, how do you find love & marriage when you are HIV+?

In 1986, Dr. Suniti Solomon discovered India’s first case of HIV. But without medicines, she could only console patients who “other doctors weren’t even willing to touch.” She quit her prestigious academic post in microbiology and founded YRG CARE, one of India’s first HIV/AIDS clinics.

Back then, HIV was a death sentence. Today, thanks to affordable generic drugs, Dr. Solomon’s patients live longer, healthier lives – and, like all young Indians, face the pressure to marry. At 72, in the twilight of her career, Dr. Solomon finds herself in a new role: marriage matchmaker. 

LOVESICK interweaves Dr. Solomon’s unconventional personal and professional journeys with the lives of two patients: Karthik, a reticent bachelor, and Manu, a bubbly IT professional who, like many women in India, was infected by her first husband. As Karthik and Manu search for love, they learn how to survive under the shadow of HIV.

Eight years in the making, LOVESICK is a surprising portrait of modern love in the age of AIDS.


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